Who can benefit from a BioMat?

Biomat Pro

Everyone who wants to…

  • Relieve joint pain and stiffness
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve cardiovascular and lymphatic function
  • Rejuvenate skin and cellular functions
  • Burn calories and control weight
  • Increase elimination of toxins and waste
  • Balance hormones and increase serotonin levels

Biomat Layers

The BioMat is ideal for anyone desiring to improve overall health and wellness. The BioMat assists in reversing degenerative conditions and speeds cellular renewal. Many people call the BioMat a healing mat because it restores, repairs, and rejuvenates.

By combining the natural energies of far infrared rays, negative ions, and amethyst crystals the BioMat warms the body deeply, helps eliminate toxins, and stimulates the immune system. The BioMat improves circulation by getting more oxygen into the blood stream and enhances the work of all body systems, helping the body to eliminate toxins. The body then has a better opportunity of getting back into balance.

Using the BioMat is like having an in-home spa treatment. A friend calls it "profoundly relaxing." We call it "profoundly amazing!"

Team Biomat

Here's an added endorsement! The BioMat is FDA approved for home and professional use.

I have brought the BioMat to my business and am offering a FREE 30-minute BioMat therapy session at my studio in Cortland. What a great way for you to personally verify the BioMat's science, technology and health benefits.

Call today at (815) 751-7552, or email us and take advantage of this free offer and inquire about the case study opportunity. Visit for more detailed and technical information about the BioMat.

You will find that "Better health is as simple as laying down."

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