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About Del


About A Beautiful Touch - Massage Therapy by Del

Techniques and application are the secrets of a good therapeutic massage.Your therapeutic massage will be tailored to your unique needs whether it’s physical…relief from sore, tight muscles or emotional…relief from anxiety, headaches, or insomnia. Education and application are the secrets of a healthy and successful life. Have you ever thought of having your own wellness advocate?

(see below the list of Bistros A Beautiful Touch has provided and hosted.)

What makes a Beautiful Touch different?

Techniques and application, as well as education and application, make A Beautiful Touch different.

About Del

I was introduced to alternative healthcare over 30 years ago. When something piques my interest, I think about it, ask questions, get answers in order to make good and wise choices.
I never want “to be on a train that goes nowhere”. Do you? Of course not.
I believe my greatest health testimony is that I have not taken any medications in over 30 years. My medicinal arsenals consists of Dr. Norman Walker’s books on Juicing, Water and Vibrant Health, Joseph M. Kadans’ Ph.D. book Encyclopeida of Fruits, Vegetables…; Young Living Essential Oils; Richway’s BioMat; massages, reading labels, eating well and being informed and aware. Yes,
I have issues…and that’s when I run to my arsenal for remedies!

Many of these ‘remedies’ were shared with the public when A Beautiful Touch had its Wellness Bistro hosting a series of seminars for my clients and the community at large; Experts in their fields and I spoke about important health issues such as:
  • Medications…safe or sorry Nutrition…food that nourishes!
  • Healthy Foods, Healthy You…yummm!
  • Posture and more…all in favor, stand up!
  • Children…wellness info!
  • Knees, reap the consequences
  • Women’s Issues…exposed
  • Birthing…naturally (panel of 5 experts) and again
  • Birthing…naturally (at Sycamore Library 2014)
  • Mankind’s First Medicine…Essential Oils

If you are interested in attending a Bistro, let me know.

Because I have focused on health and wellness: massage and exercise, diet and nutrition, and as well as the above ‘Bistros’, I can support you with simple ways to guard your life, supply you with information and direct you to resources. I search and research information and modalities so I can be a resource to you for your health and well-being. My client, Craig Martin, sent me his testimony (see below). He is an example of a focused-driven person in pursuit of wellness! If this of interest to you, let’s talk.
I am a graduate of Kishwaukee College in Malta, 2008, with honors:
With good training, good health and good intentions, my work is tailored to meet your needs.

I am:
  • A State-Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified in Pre- and Perinatal Pregnancy Massage
  • A DONA-trained Doula
  • QRA Certified (Quantum Reflex Analysis) analyzing the body’s biofield, its reflex patterns, and its nutritional needs
  • Professional and positive
  • Knowledgeable, keen, and kind
  • Committed and caring
I am Del Sanchez (short for Della), a learner, a motivator, a friend, a lover of God, country, family, friends, kids, chocolate and health!
Thank you for coming to my website. I believe that a therapeutic massage is an essential part of relieving the tension associated with the daily stresses of busy lives and is helpful to maintain good health and a balanced lifestyle.
That is my hope for you…good health and a wholesome life.
And remember, massage is also a beautiful gift to give and to receive. Take care of yourself. I can help.


"Del, Knee pain, back pain (upper and lower), numbness in my left leg and both feet in addition to an almost stiff arthritic middle finger on my right hand were the main reasons I sought pain relief from you at A Beautiful Touch. With your expert magic fingers, the application of your therapeutic oils, your council along with nutritional information over the last nine months, I can honestly say my quality of life has never been better. I have shed 27 lbs. and 6 inches off my waist. Pain levels that use to be 7, 8, or 9 now consistently range at "0" or "1". THANK YOU again."
- Craig Martin
From the moment I walked into Del's studio I was on the path to peace and healing! The natural fragrances immediately relaxed me, along with the serene atmosphere and peaceful music. Del's knowledge of healing amazed me and I learned many new and even simple ways to take care of my body. The massage she gave me not only felt great, but she was able to release something in my neck that had been keeping me from turning my head completely on one side for over 30 years! Not even my chiropractors had accomplished that! I heartily recommend Del (she is a wonderful person!) as well as her services at A Beautiful Touch.
- Sharon Wurtz
I want to thank Del for relieving the pain I had in my upper left leg area that was really affecting my gait and my ability to do my exercise walking. I'm not sure what I had done when I was hiking a couple of months ago but the pain would not go away even after doing yoga and stretching to try and work on the area of discomfort. After my first session with Del, my leg was better right away but then after a couple of days it tightened back up a bit but not to the point of where it had previously been. I returned a week later for more therapy and once again I noticed an immediate difference and this time it was better throughout the whole week. After our third session, I experienced no more pain or discomfort. My leg feels wonderful! Thank you Del!
- CJ
When is it time to necessitate a call and seek Ms. Del’s professional services?
  • When you have joined the rat race, but the rats won.
  • When the boss is a total 'schlub'.
  • When the manager treats you like a mule.
  • When the customer wanted it yesterday.
(Not with standing to name a few.) So, if your tolerance is tried, the doctors are unable to resolve, Ms. Del will provide the ‘cure’.
- Jim D