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Who can benefit from a BioMat?

Everyone who wants to…
  • Relieve joint pain and stiffness
  • Reduce stress and fatigueoost the immune system
  • Improve cardiovascular and lymphatic function
  • Rejuvenate skin and cellular functions
  • Burn calories and control weight
  • Increase elimination of toxins and waste
  • Balance hormones and increase serotonin levels
The BioMat is ideal for anyone desiring to improve overall health and wellness. The BioMat assists in reversing degenerative conditions and speeds cellular renewal. Many people call the BioMat a healing mat because it restores, repairs, and rejuvenates.
By combining the natural energies of far infrared rays, negative ions, and amethyst crystals the BioMat warms the body deeply, helps eliminate toxins, and stimulates the immune system. The BioMat improves circulation by getting more oxygen into the bloodstream and enhances the work of all body systems, helping the body to eliminate toxins. The body then has a better opportunity of getting back into balance.
Using the BioMat is like having an in-home spa treatment. A friend calls it “profoundly relaxing.” We call it “profoundly amazing!”

Here’s an added endorsement! The BioMat is FDA approved for home and professional use.

I have brought the BioMat to my business and am offering a FREE 30-minute BioMat therapy session at my studio in Cortland. What a great way for you to personally verify the BioMat’s science, technology, and health benefits.

Call today at (815) 751-7552, or email us and take advantage of this free offer and inquire about the case study opportunity.


HEALTH OBJECTIVE: Improve left hip function

"After using the BioMat twice weekly for 5 weeks I have noticed changes with overall wellness and body function. Better sleep and increased energy (less need to nap) are most notable. Also, it seems as though some internal systems are simply working better, which has helped me lose—and maintain—weight. As a male over 50, there’s also less need to get up at night!"
HEALTH OBJECTIVE: Overall wellness

"I found the BioMat to be a very positive experience! I was pleasantly amazed and surprised how I fell asleep almost immediately during each of my 30-minute sessions on the BioMat. (And…I am not a napper!) After just one 30-minute session, I noticed improvement in my arm and hand. I had been experiencing painful numbness and sleeping sensations for over a month. By the 4thsession, the pain and symptoms had greatly decreased. By the 8th session, my arm, and hand and shoulder were back to normal! My circulation had improved! What a relief! I truly enjoyed each of my 30-minute sessions on the BioMat. I felt the difference! I am sure my ‘insides’ noticed the benefits all the more! Thank you so much!"

"I found the time spent on the Biomat to be incredibly peaceful and calming. Throughout a 5-week period during which I used it, I experienced an increasing quality of sleep, a slightly improved feeling of restfulness through­out the day, and a definite increase in motivation. Peri-menopausal systems (primarily hormonal-related issues) became less severe and more manageable."
HEALTH OBJECTIVE: Faster recovery

"My BioMat experience was aligned with a new ‘physical’ job (former desk jockey). I was expecting to be incredibly sore and achey but the BioMat served as hoped. My physical soreness was minimal. The bonus for me was the quality of sleep, mental clarity and creative juices that are flowing. I literally get out of bed say, “I’m Up, I’m Up.”; excited for another day!"
HEALTH OBJECTIVE: Get rid of gout; pain relief from ankle injury (one-week study. ‘hour’ refers to ‘day’. Case study also applied juicing to his regimen.)

"After first hour on the BioMat, improved pain and swelling in my ankles. Better range of motion, too. After second hour, gout all gone in left ankle. Much improved in most areas related to my injury. Left shoulder still pained. After third hour, I got very tired after a big lunch. I took a nice nap and had the energy to go for a swim. Overall, my energy increased and no gout. I began the week with swelling and pain in my right ankle due to an accident. By the end of the week, I felt much improved. By the end of the week I felt 100% better in pain management as well as a boost in energy levels. Thank you, Del, for your encouragement and help!"
-Michael G.
HEALTH OBJECTIVE: Relieve muscle tension and improve health.

"I recently had back surgery and after 8 weeks the doctor released me to start physical therapy. In addition I set up an appointment with a massage therapist who had a BioMat. Not only did the BioMat loosen up tight muscles in my back and legs, it also helped some other problems I was having: the BioMat also added 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep and relieved joint pain which helped with exercising. The BioMat was really beneficial to me."
-Roger Adams
HEALTH OBJECTIVE: Energy & circulation

"My family and I were offered the use of the BioMat at our home. My husband has diabetes and leg pain which was relieved within ½ hour of lying on the BioMat. I have chronic neck pain and my pain was relieved after lying on the BioMat for one hour. I was pain-free for days! My teenage sportsters were in awe of the BioMat with its pain relieving properties for them! My family loves the BioMat I can’t tell you how much of a difference we saw in our health. I am very thankful to the inventors of this product and to Del, who introduced us to the BioMat."
-F. Miles
HEALTH OBJECTIVE: Pain relief and sleep

"My sleep was restful, I woke up feeling more awake than ‘normal’. My joints, knees, and shoulders were not stiff. Sitting in a truck all day adds stress and stiffness to my body. With the BioMat I didn’t feel the tension in my back and neck that I usually feel. Over all it was a nice experience."
-Joe B.